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Il Tempo Extra Gigante

The Norwegian park Hunderfossen will launch a new rollercoaster this May, featuring some special theming.

The Custom Elevated Coaster by Zierer will be called Il Tempo Extra Gigante and, at €3.5 million, it represents the second-largest investment in the park’s history.

The ride’s 14-seater train is inspired by the super car featured in the film Jul i Flåklypa (Christmas in Flåklypa) and was designed at Zierer by Heinrich Richter, using original drawings from writer Kjell Aukrust as inspiration. And doesn’t it look great?

In total, Il Tempo Extra Gigante will feature 550 metres of track, and a maximum height of 25m and a steepest drop of 45˚. During the 1.5 minute ride, passengers will experience up to 3.5G and banking of up to 72˚. The minimum rider height is just 1.2 metres.

Located in beautiful natural surroundings just outside Lillehammer, Hunderfossen boasts aroumd 50 attractions and activities for all ages and attracts over 270.000 guests a year. During the winter period (through until 1 March), the venue trades as a winter park featuring a snow hotel and an ice cathedral available for weddings. The summer season starts on 24 May.

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