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Polar Express rolls into SeaWorld

Wild Arctic revamped for Christmas

Offering a simulated trip to the North Pole, the Polar Express Experience has been a highlight this festive period for guests at SeaWorld Orlando.

The attraction is a seasonal revamp of the park’s Wild Arctic ride. Based on the 2004 Polar Express animated film from Warner Bros Pictures and Shangri-La Entertainment, motion-base technology and big-screen video combine to offer a wild, fast-moving train journey, up snow-cloaked mountains, across frozen lakes and along perilous, icy passes.

Visitors are given a three-minute pre-show presentation setting up the movie’s plot, in which a young boy lies awake on Christmas Eve, straining to hear the elusive sound of ringing bells from Santa’s Sleigh. The boy is jolted out of bed from the roar of the Polar Express, arriving to take him on a fascinating adventure to the North Pole.

The Polar Express Experience recreates classic scenes from the movie using all the senses, immersing guests with lighting, scent, sound and motion to transport them to the North Pole, and the holiday spirit. SeaWorld’s polar bears, walruses and other Arctic animals have also been incorporated into the attraction as a post-show exhibit designed to represent a North Pole winter wonderland.

After January 1, the Polar Express will be returned to its Wild Arctic format.

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