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Overcome time and space with YULLBE

From 17th September, a VR experience of a completely new dimension awaits families in Rust, allowing guests aged 14 and older to immerse themselves in virtual worlds for all the senses. For the very first time worldwide, up to eight people and 32 users can simultaneously experience fantastic adventures and exciting challenges, alone or together.

MackNeXT and VR Coaster developed the unique ‘Full Body Tracking Free Roaming VR Experience’ in cooperation with leading international designers and technology manufacturers – including the multiple Oscar and Emmy winner and motion capture specialist ‘Vicon’. Michael Mack, Managing Partner of Europa-Park and founder of MackNeXT says about the newest coup of the inhouse innovation department: “YULLBE can not only tell stories, but bring entire worlds to life and enable visitors to experience them. This VR experience sets new standards. It is entertainment of the future.”

Located between the water world Rulantica and the 4* superior hotel ‘Krønasår’ at Europa-Park: Beginners and VR veterans alike can experience the fascinating world of virtual reality across a 600 square metres area with ‘YULLBE’. In the ‘Full Body Tracking Free Roaming VR Experience’, the entire body is displayed as an avatar and the simulation – at least for the time of the experience – becomes a new reality. The guests can initially choose between two adventures, which differ in terms of duration, content and technical equipment.

Mission: Rulantica

As soon as you enter the building and choose your own avatar, the extraordinary excursion to Rulantica begins. Shortly afterwards, after putting on the futuristic backpack PC, the hand and foot trackers and the headset itself, the ultimate 30-minute adventure can begin: Sent on a journey into the unknown by the management team of the Adventure Club of Europe (ACE), guests aged 14 and up embark as recruits on an exciting mission. Step by step, they delve deeper into the virtual world surrounding the story of the legendary island Rulantica and its well-known characters. Up to eight family members and friends can interact with each other and master the challenges that await them. The free roaming system, which is unique worldwide, and full body tracking, as well as the most modern, individually developed VR technology, guarantee an unprecedented virtual and haptic experience.


In keeping with the Halloween season, fans of the legendary ‘Horror Nights – Traumatica’ can look forward to an extra terrifying VR experience from 2nd October. Equipped with glasses and tracker, the brave users aged 18 and up can enter an apocalyptic world and meet numerous well-known characters from the multi-award-winning horror spectacle. A pure 10-minute thrill awaits, where visitors must try to survive on their own, surrounded by chaos and danger. And if that thrilling VR experience is not enough, guests can soon add a cruel surprise to their ticket and look forward to even more goosebumps on site!

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