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Intamin introduces four new ride concepts

After positive responses from several clients, Intamin has introduced four new concepts of amusement rides to the industry.

With a total height of 47m (154 ft) and a maximum speed of 107 kph (66 mph), the Vertical LSM Coaster is the most compact launch coaster in the world. The triple launch coaster has a physical track length of 279m (915 ft), whereas the actual travelled distance is 566m (1,857 ft), which is a result of the forward-backward-forward launch.

The Hot Racer is a very versatile roller coaster, as it can have various launch sequences, racing or duelling layouts, be built with or without inversions, all depending on client requirements. Using the very same seat and restraint system as for Intamin’s latest LSM trains, the Hot Racer train is capable of running on highly dynamic layouts.

Intamin’s Giga Splash features a vertical 50m high rotating lift followed by a 40m (131 ft) high down- chute resulting in a most spectacular ride experience. Riders and spectators enjoy a big splash-down after the 24-passenger boat has dropped at an angle of 87° and has reached a speed of 100 kph (62 mph) when entering the water.

Using a shuttle style design, the Ultra Splash has an LSM powered backward-forward- backward launch, where the 24-passenger boat speeds up to 94 kph (58 mph) on the very stylish U-shaped track all ending in a splash landing.

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