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Ocean Breeze to introduce family raft ride

At the conclusion of the summer season, the Ocean Breeze Waterpark, Virginia Beach, Virginia, began construction of a family raft ride, Operation Splashdown. This towering red and blue, spirited addition is a Mammoth, mega-tube serpentine raft ride, developed by ProSlide Technology.

“From Splashdown’s inception, we have been thrilled that families and groups of friends would have the opportunity to enjoy the ride together!” shared General Manager, Brian Baker. “Right now, progress on the ride happens every day, from naming it to, signing off on the tower colours, to inflating the actual ride rafts and letting our staff climb in . . .we are looking forward to sharing these moments.”

The star spangled rafts will launch from atop a 70 foot (21 m) high platform, first heading in to a dark, enclosed opening with a series of unpredictable twists and turns, leading to breathtaking drops and sharp curves. The raft will then shoot through a tunnel, blast through a wildly fun s-shaped waterway and your crew will catch some major hang time along high bank walls before finally, splashing down!

With the development stage complete, the location for this expansive ride, has been locked in behind the Runaway Bay Wave Pool. “The view of the waterpark from the top is going to be incredible,” Baker shared. “You will hear the sound of freedom overhead and it just seemed appropriate that this 600 foot (183 m) long ride, be a small tribute to those who serve.

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