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Nordic Chaser opens at Worlds of Fun

With the introduction of Nordic Chaser, a the 45th season is underway at Worlds of Fun, Kansas City, Missouri. Nordic Chaser is a new family ride located in the Scandinavia themed area of the park. Appropriately themed for the area after a Viking armada, Nordic Chaser features mini ships that quickly rotate and simulates the sensation of rising and falling along ocean waves. Nordic Chaser is a Koggenfahrt/Caterpiller manufactured by Mack Rides.

Timber Wolf, one of the most popular attractions at Worlds of Fun, will debut its new finale later this spring. The 4,230 foot (1,289 m) long, 100 foot (30 m) high roller coaster built in 1989 by the Dinn Corporation will now feature an intense, 70° banked turn built by Great Coasters International that will send riders nearly sideways for a thrilling finish to the iconic ride.

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