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New show opens in Hong Kong

Ocean Park debuts Sea Dreams

In a theatre overlooking the South China Sea, Ocean Park in Hong Kong has opened a new show called Sea Dreams.

Produced by Utopia Entertainment in close co-operation with the park’s marine mammal and entertainment team, the show features a custom-built set and choreographed movements from dolphins, sea lions and humans.
“It’s the first time in the history of Ocean Park where the trainers and animals actually follow the musical score, much like dancers would in a ballet,” notes Utopia president Daniel Burzlaff. “The final product is a seamless integration of man and animal.”
The show is also the first from Los Angeles-based Utopia Entertainment to integrate three languages (Cantonese, Mandarin and English). The story features a grandfather explaining to his granddaughter the tale of man’s first encounter with animals and their journey since. The choreographed finale to the show has apparently been described as “liquid fireworks.”
“Working with Utopia Entertainment was great,” concludes Ocean Park entertainment director Todd Hougland

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