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New indoor theme park Mandoria opens in Poland

Mandoria City of Adventures, a family theme park styled entirely as a Renaissance trading city has opened in Poland, offering visitors over 20 attractions, including family roller-coasters, themed carousels, boats, a huge slide and a dozen other extraordinary attractions.

Mandoria is understood to be the first year-round theme park in central Poland, and at the same time the largest indoor theme park in Europe. Its designers relied on an original idea inspired by the times of the Renaissance. Attractions constitute an integral part of the created world, and visitors of Mandoria should feel as if they entered a real city from centuries ago.

“The entire park was styled as a 16th-century trading city,” said Daniel Zieliński, Park Manager. “It has its inhabitants and its secrets. Attractions are part of this world, for many visitors the most important one. However, it should be emphasized that Mandoria is a family park where you can discover something new all the time. And what is important – visitors will experience it together because all attractions can be enjoyed by both children and adults.”

City of Adventures – entertainment for the whole family

The gates of Mandoria were opened to visitors on July 8 at 10:00 am. It was then that the key to the gates of the City of Adventures was officially handed over by Lady Estelle, Mandoria’s manager, to a girl, one of the park’s first visitors. The ticket costs PLN 99. Children shorter than 85 cm enter the park for free. There is also an Annual Card available for people who plan to visit Mandoria more than once a year.

Various attractions await visitors in the City of Adventures. We can find family roller-coasters as well as classic carousels and boats floating on the water. They all have their own unique names and are styled according to the theme of the park. The most important ones include: Merkant roller-coaster, Leonardo’s Lighthouse – bicycles floating above the ground, Galleon whirling over the port, Treasury – a labyrinth of mirrors hiding many secrets, Caravan – a two-level Venetian carousel, and Jewel – a chain carousel. Many attractions of Mandoria are adapted to the needs of disabled people.

“Mandoria is the first theme park in Poland located so close to a large city: it is only 20 km from Lodz, the third largest city in Poland. We are convinced that it will become an important and frequently visited place for the inhabitants of Lodz and its surroundings. At the same time, it will be one of the most interesting family tourist attractions in Poland, which will attract many tourists to the Lodz Voivodeship,” adds Iwona Buchcic, Mandoria’s spokeswoman. “Our park has a great location in the very centre of Poland. Thanks to its location, it is an ideal attraction to visit also during longer trips, e.g. to the mountains or to the sea,” she adds.

The originator and owner of Mandoria City of Adventures is PTAK S.A. The amusement park is located in Ptak Fashion City, where there are numerous shops and retail outlets, including Ptak Outlet. The investment cost was approximately PLN 110 million. Currently, more than 100 people have found employment in Mandoria. A large part of them are attraction operators and employees of retail outlets and catering services. The 1.5 ha amusement park opened on July 8 is the first stage of a huge investment. In the future, an open-air zone will emerge next to it. Ultimately, Mandoria City of Adventures theme park will occupy an area of 50 ha.

Mandoria attractions:

  • Merkant (Gerstlauer) – the longest indoor roller-coaster in Poland (track length: 265 m). The track rises to a height of 7 m, and the maximum speed of the carts is about 36 km/h. The roller-coaster can be used by children taller than 100 cm. The attraction is available for people with disabilities.


  • Galleon (Zamperla) – a giant ship whirling over the port. Attraction available to everyone. Children shorter than 105 cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


  • Fisherman Bartek (Metalbau) – a carousel with boats on the water. Available to everyone. Children shorter than 110 cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


  • Leonard’s Lighthouse (Zamperla) – a delightful carousel with magic bikes. Putting the pedals in motion lifts you off the ground. When you stop pedalling, you will start your descent. Attraction is available for people taller than 90 cm (children shorter than 120 cm must be accompanied by a guardian).


  • Barbican (Metalbau) – a huge family slide with as many as 6 lanes. Available to visitors over 85 cm tall. The perfect place for family competition.


  • Caravan (Lamborghini) – a delightful two-level Venetian carousel, available to everyone. Children shorter than 105 cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


  • Dark Manor (Visa) – the only roller-coaster in the country that runs in the dark. For visitors taller than 95 cm.


  • Town Hall (EliPlay) – one of the largest playrooms in the country. It can be used by children taller than 85 cm.


  • Shoe Ball (C&S) – the only bumper cars in Poland that look like shoes.


  • Shooting range (Woodlands) – an exceptional shooting range with historic rifles.


  • Clown Orchestra (SBF) – a hilarious moving bench for everyone. Children shorter than 105 cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


  • Barrels (SBF) – a wonderful carousel in the vineyard available to everyone. Children shorter than 105 cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


  • Treasury (Premierworlds) – a giant mirror labyrinth. Attraction available to everyone. Children shorter than 110 cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


  • Jewel (Lamborghini) – a chain carousel intended for visitors taller than 120 cm.


  • Weatherfish Bay (Tornado) – remote-controlled boats. An attraction for visitors of all ages.


  • Lifeboats – pedal boats for children.


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