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New for 2021: Efteling Hotel rooms, artisanal bakery and all-inclusive play forest, Nest!

Efteling – the fairytale theme park in the south of Holland has revealed some exciting plans for 2021, including new revamped rooms and bathrooms at the Efteling Hotel, a themed artisanal bakery to compliment Max & Moritz and the opening of an all-inclusive play forest, Nest! for children of all abilities to learn and play together.  

Efteling Hotel  

Between 4 January and 8 March 2021, the Efteling Hotel will close while all 98 comfort rooms and four Junior Suites are completely renovated and two comfort rooms are added, so that exactly 100 comfort rooms will then be available for overnight guests.

The theming, furniture and bathroom facilities will all be changed to create a hotel room of dreams, with every piece of furniture, from bedside lamps to chairs and bathroom mirrors, replaced and donated to a local charitable organisation.


Located in the Ruigrijk area of the park close to other family rides and attractions and in a small forested area, ‘Nest!’ will be an inclusive area for young children of all abilities to play together. It will include elements themed to the various Efteling roller coasters so that the young visitors can still get a taste of the bigger attractions, which they’re currently too small to ride.

The ‘Nest!’ play forest will be built amid the trees between De Vliegende Hollander watercoaster and the Game Gallery. Construction is scheduled to start in January 2021 and the play forest will open in the summer of 2021.

Artisanal Bakery  

In winter 2021, a new catering location will open at Efteling called Bäckerei Krümel. The artisanal bakery will be located directly opposite the new family roller coaster Max & Moritz, which opened to the public last June. The bakery will provide a selection of freshly baked products from the oven, such as tray bakes, flat breads and pizzas, combined with roasted coffees and fresh juices. Bäckerei Krümel will seat 125 people inside and 50 outside on the square. Just like the adjacent Frau Boltes Küche, the building will be designed in the theme of the family roller coaster. With the arrival of the bakery, the Max & Moritz Plein is complete.

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