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New carousel arrives on Jersey Shore

In Long Branch, New Jersey, a new carousel has opened as part of a new section of the Long Branch Boardwalk at Pier Village Lofts. The whimsical sea-themed carousel was produced by The Carousel Works of Mansfield, Ohio. It includes 42 wooden figures, plus a pair of wheelchair-accessible chariots that boast two seats each, for 46 total seats, three rows deep. Half the figures are horses, while the rest are sea turtles, porpoises, a sea horse, and other marine life to compliment the ride’s seaside location. All but one of the figures moves up and down, as well as around and around.

The construction of the boardwalk’s new section and amenities, including the carousel’s structure, were overseen by Green Field Construction Group. In addition, Green Field Construction Group is providing the construction of Extell Development Company’s Pier Village Lofts, a residential project encompassing the site of the carousel. These efforts are a part of a mass-renovation of the Long Branch Boardwalk. The handcrafted, wooden carousel is housed by a heated, glass enclosure which allows the ride to operate year-round.

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