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Move It-32 gets a bumper upgrade

It’s been 22 years since the Movie It-32 ride was built and made its debut at the fair in Best, Netherlands, in 1996, and now Dutch manufacturing company KMG has announced that the Move It-32 is set to get an upgrade.

The ride’s action will remain the same – only enhanced by the latest industry techniques.

The new model is more efficient, boasting a lighter weight, easier set up, and a lower consumption of power. Additionally, modern drive units, electric motors, safety systems and new construction all meet the latest safety rules of EN13814 and TüV guidelines, and the Move It-32 will be environmentally friendly, using hydraulic systems in place of electric ones as much as possible.

The Move It-32 moves on 3 (legal) semi-trailers and can be set up without the use of a crane within 6 hours by 3 persons. The ride holds 32 persons per cycle and has a put-through of approx. 1,000 riders p/hour.

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