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Morey’s Piers grows sales and marketing reach with Mvix Digital Signage

Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks, a six-block beachfront amusement park featuring more than 100 rides and attractions on the Jersey Shore, has implemented a digital signage network of over 30 networked screens across its ticket booths and restaurant facilities.

The sales staff at Morey’s Piers often found that they spent more time explaining the various pricing options to visitors than they were actually selling tickets, and realised that they required a simple and effective way to convey the best deals.

As Morey’s Piers began rolling out more dining options throughout the park, they wanted to have a display show when popular food and beverage items were out of stock or when new items were added to the menu. Essentially, the display network would require an overarching content management system that could easily scale to the needs of the amusement park in real time.

As a result, Morey’s Piers installed a network of 27 screens and seven video walls within their ticket booths and restaurant facilities. The Mvix platform offered remote management, allowing the director of marketing to manage the pricing and advertising displays from the main office. It permitted advanced scheduling, so ticket packages and special promotions could be scheduled to change depending on the time of day, day of the week, and promotional events. It provided custom content, facilitating each of the dining options to display a unique menu board template and targeted ads that could be pushed out at a moment’s notice across all displays.

The Morey’s Piers marketing team has recorded faster transaction times (reduced by 50 percent) and, the targeted advertisements on the signs led to more food and beverage sales – now, traditional marketing materials have been phased out in favour of the digital displays.

“The digital signs are increasing incremental revenue while decreasing expenses,” said Tim Samson, director of marketing at Morey’s Piers. “It’s really become a significant revenue center for us.”

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