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More magic at Toverland!

Guests at Toverland in the Netherlands have been given a taste of the new themed area Magische Vallei (Magical Valley) with the introduction on September 29 of a spinning coaster – pictured here.

The new attraction, by Mack Rides, has been named d’wervelwind (work it out for yourself) as the result of a competition on Facebook. Featuring 462 metres of track, it has a maximum height of 21m and reaches speeds of up to 75km/h. Two trains are featured, each with four spinning cars in which riders sit in pairs back to back. The ride experience lasts just over a minute and half, and the hourly capacity is 925 passengers. Station and queue line theming were provided by P&P Projects.

‘Tover’ is another Dutch word for ‘magic’ and the Magische Vallei is located to the rear of the existing indoor/outdoor park in Sevenum near Venlo and the German border. Due to be completed this coming spring, the new area will feature seven additional attractions including a river rapid ride, water-themed carousel, Heege tower, a survival course, climbing towers, trampolines and water balloon challenge. More information and construction photos at

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