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ABC makes a splash at Legoland Malaysia

Opened along with the rest of the park in September, Dino Island at Legoland Malaysia provides a welcome retreat from the tropical heat.

The flume was supplied by ABC Rides, and follows the installation over the years of various other water rides and tower rides from the Swiss manufacturer at Merlin Entertainments’ properties in Europe.

After leaving the station area, each 8-seater boat sails through various right and left turns before entering the 12-metre-tall lift. At the top, riders then travel through a dark section and a small drop and then back out into the open ready for the big plunge, producing an impressive splash that is great fun for spectators to watch.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

The ride is built according to DIN 4112/EN 13814 standards. Running down the chute on supporting wheels, the boat also has side wheels to guide its path. Once back in the station the boat is lifted up onto a ramp, allowing for safe loading/unloading. A buffer separates the loading area from the unloading area and keeps a safe distance between boats.

The dispatch time between boats is 34 seconds, while total ride time is just over three minutes. Eight boats are used, providing a theoretical hourly capacity of 850. Children must be at least six years of age or over 1.2m-tall if riding with an adult or nine years and 1.4m if riding alone.

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