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Mini Hu

by S&S Worldwide

S&S Worldwide has introduced a new family ride, the Mini Hu.

The attraction is the first in a new collection of highly visual, inexpensive rides that will be marketed under the “Huli Hu” banner. Utilising a brand new, patent-pending ride system, the Mini Hu comprise two arms, each swinging 180º from a central hub. Four passengers are seated facing inwards in each of two teacup-style, free-spinning gondolas. As the ride is powered up, the arms rise up synchronously in the air to vertical and then continue to horizontal in an opposite orientation, while the passengers are free to interact and spin the gondolas as much or as little as they prefer.

“To me, it defines ‘fun.’ I believe our team has hit a home run with the Mini Hu,” says S&S’s Kevn Rowher. “This new concept is so unique and enjoyable that I see it becoming as much of a hit in the industry as our Frog Hopper.”

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