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Junior Twister

by Zamperla

The Junior Twister Coaster is a new family ride from Zamperla, and it comes in two versions, the JTC 170 “Compact” and JTC 230 “Extended.”

Spanning two levels, it stands 8 or 9-metres tall (26/30ft) and travels at speeds exceeding 28 km/h (17 mph). Track length, as you may have guessed, is either 170 or 230-metres (558/755ft).

A “kick-off” lift hill system allows the operator to offer guests multiple rides without stops. One train is included, featuring four or five cars. Each car carries four riders arranged in a single row.

Individual T bars ensure that each rider has a custom fit and the minimum height limit is just 105cm (42 inches) for kids riding with an adult, or 120 cm (47 inches) if riding alone.

According to Alberto Zamperla, one Junior Twister Coaster has already been sold to a Chinese park, two to the United Arab Emirates, and two more to unidentified buyers.

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