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MajorMega unveils multi-sensory Hyperdeck

MajorMega unveiled its new innovative and engaging multi-sensory virtual reality experience called Hyperdeck at the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) conference and trade show in Orlando. Hyperdeck is a 19 by 25 foot (6 by 8 m) system supporting up to four players and featuring state-of-the-art VR effects such as wind simulation, various motion capabilities (including rolling, pitching and vibrating sensations) and spectator participation as people wait in line to play the latest VR game. Included in the launch of Hyperdeck is H.A.I.R., an ‘80s heavy metal rock-themed experience featuring the lead character of Harold Hooper. Players must work to find as many crystals as possible in the family-friendly game as they move through the 10-minute mission.

“We’re so excited to share Hyperdeck with IAAPA attendees and virtual reality fans,” said Michael Bridgman, cofounder of MajorMega. “Hyperdeck offers an unparalleled simulation environment in out-of-home entertainment to fully engage players. No one else is doing it at this level.”

Bridgman added that the Hyperdeck was created to offer a small footprint for amusement operators yet deliver high thrills for fun seekers of all ages.

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