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Falcon’s Creative designs custom augmented reality (AR) solution

Falcon’s Creative Group, the Orlando-based creative services firm specialising in the design and production of themed experiences, has launched Falcon’s Vision, a revolutionary augmented reality (AR) solution specifically designed for theme parks, attractions, and other special venues including museums, galleries, zoos, aquariums, and beyond.

Falcon’s Vision delivers an engaging and versatile interactive overlay that fills real-world environments with virtual content that can provide information, entertainment, storytelling, interactivity, navigation and wayfinding, as well as other opportunities for engagement. The augmented reality experience breaks physical barriers and allows guests to seamlessly explore and interact with otherwise impossible worlds, empowering guests to breathe life into fossils, dive deeper into aquarium habitats or enter the worlds of the greatest artists and their masterpieces. There are also opportunities to gamify venues with enriching activities like scavenger hunts that can foster healthy competition for families and friends. The content itself can be updated regularly or seasonally to continually draw in new and repeat customers.

“We are thrilled to be introducing Falcon’s Vision to the themed entertainment and special venues marketplace,” says Jason Ambler, Executive Producer and Director of Production of Falcon’s. “Augmented reality is an exciting and powerful new medium for experience design and immersive storytelling, and it is our mission to connect mass audiences with the most refined and holistic AR content experiences imaginable.”

The Falcon’s Vision headset allows for an immersive 55° field of view, which is a measurable increase compared to most other augmented reality devices currently in the marketplace. The virtual content extends to the furthest edges of the viewing window to the real world, ensuring an expansive and uninterrupted viewing experience. The Falcon’s Vision headset can also be equipped with 3D polarised lenses to add a new dimension to passive stereoscopic 3D media by providing an augmented reality overlay.

“From a user standpoint, it’s amazing that venues could provide you with this type of technology in the same ways they would distribute 3D glasses in a traditional theatre-based attraction setting,” says Saham Ali, Director of Technology at Falcon’s. “But now, your content experience is no longer limited to a specific area or screen and you can freely explore an immersive environment. Then, from an operator standpoint, our goal was to create a product that is not burdened by heavy technology infrastructure, while at the same time keeping it affordable, reliable, and intuitive to deploy and maintain.”

The Falcon’s Vision headset has been engineered with venue operators in mind. The one-size-fits-all binocular design is built to last, with a tamper proof, water-resistant, and shock-absorbing enclosure. Each headset can handle prolonged and extensive use powered by a high-density battery, with various options for wireless charging stations. The face mask component of the headset is detachable from the main electronics to allow machine washing or other means of sanitisation after each use. The headsets themselves are also highly customisable and can integrate brand identification or venue theming.

With more than 18 years in the themed entertainment industry, Falcon’s Creative Group has developed unique insight into the emerging technological trends, cultivating a deep understanding of the guest experience as well as the needs of venue owners and operators.

“We’re witnessing a fascinating evolution in the expectations of guests. More than ever, they are seeking to actively participate in their own entertainment experiences,” says Cecil Magpuri, President and Chief Creative Officer of Falcon’s. “In following that momentum, we have developed Falcon’s Vision as an accessible, yet immersive technology that empowers guests to interact and engage with a physical space in unparalleled ways. Falcon’s Vision provides owners and operators a convenient, high-quality product solution that can be seamlessly tailored to the needs and opportunities of any venue type.”

Falcon’s Vision is a turn-key product with flexible and affordable pricing options that include a scalable multi-platform solution to meet the needs of venue owners and operators. While the Falcon’s Vision headset delivers the most immersive and engaging augmented reality experience, the Falcon’s Vision augmented reality ecosystem can also be applied to venue-controlled tablets or made available to download on personal devices directly from mobile app stores.

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