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Loco 360 debuts at Western Playland

Western Playland, Sunland Park, New Mexico, has introduced a new ride for the 2019 season, Loco 360. It is a Midi Dance Party 360, a swinging pendulum ride from SBF/Visa. While the ride starts slowly spinning rocking side to side, it soon gains enough momentum to rotate upside down several times. The ride starts off slowly spinning and swaying side to side then quickly picks up momentum spinning upside down a few times. It was chosen by park president Patrick Thomson because he had no other ride that goes upside down and felt he needed one.

Loco 360 stands 40 feet (12 m) tall. It seats 12 people at rotates them up to 15 rpm while swinging through 360º, providing an hourly capacity of 240. It is equipt with a dazzling light package for night operation.

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