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Klump Island on track at Tivoli

Klump Island, a new play are based around the licensed character Rasmus Klump (also known as Petzi), is taking shape at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

The 1,530 square metre children’s attraction will open this spring and, according to the lady who masterplanned it, is fully on target with design goals.

“With Tivoli’s top level team of artisan builders and craftspeople you can allow for individual creativity and problem-solving in the field,” says Jumana Brodersen from The J Co, engaged by Tivoli last June. “This shortens the time between concept and fabrication and gives maximum value for the budget. It’s the 21st century way of doing things.”

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Brodersen is a former corporate director of creative development with Busch Entertainment and worked on the Klump project with a design team including Elaine Swanger, Sophie Binder and Scott Neale.

Klump Island offers a themed, immersive play experience for children and their families, featuring Rasmus Klump and his friends. Featuring three adventure zones, each pitched at a different age group, it provide a new look to a little corner of Tivoli Gardens, where it replaces am older playground next to the Tivoli lake.

“Incorporating a branded character was something we’d never done before at Tivoli,” says the park’s director of design, Mikkel Sonne. “We were impressed by how quickly Jumana entered the Rasmus universe and understood the character’s nature – not an easy task, but she made it look easy.”

“Integrating the Rasmus Klump attraction into Tivoli Gardens was a similar challenge to what we did in designing the Sesame play areas for SeaWorld San Diego and Busch Gardens Williamsburg,” says Brodersen. “What’s needed is a concept that embodies the brand and the story, is responsive to the needs of the park, the interests of the guests and giving a long term value to the property.”

Pictured above: Jumana Brodersen of The J Co poses with Rasmus Klump during construction of Klump Island. Pictured below: What the new play are will look like.

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