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JUMANJI The Adventure to open Saturday 2 April

The unique multi-motion vehicles of the world’s first JUMANJI themed ride have arrived at Gardaland.

Jumanji The Adventure, “the world’s first fully themed Jumanji ride” based on Sony Pictures’ popular film franchise, will open on Saturday 2 April 2022 at Gardaland.

After being transported into the parallel dimension of the Jumanji game, Guests will make their way through the jungle facing dangerous animals and obstacles of all kinds. In a race against time, the adventurers’ mission will be to return the sacred and precious jewel to the legendary temple and save Jumanji. In particular, they will have to face the animatronics: the huge hippo that takes everyone by surprise when it appears from a swamp, and scary spiders that drop down onto the moving vehicle, as well as the roaring Stone Giant who bursts out of a cave and blocks their way with his hand.

There will be 12 spectacular and highly dramatic scenes inspired by the most iconic scenes from Sony Picture Entertainment’s Jumanji film franchise. Visitors will experience the adventure in the world of Jumanji aboard special wagons – three metres long and two metres wide – resembling an off-road vehicle, the famed 4×4 from the film, faithfully reproduced down to the smallest detail. There will be 12 vehicles in all, each with a capacity of six people, allowing almost 1,000 people to be transported per hour.

Each multi-motion vehicle, besides driving along the track, will encounter hazards, obstacles, special audio and video effects along the way by spinning around and rolling, simulating the movements of a real off-road vehicle. Thanks to these spins and rolls, the experience will be even more immersive and exciting as Visitors will experience the sensation of being on board a real 4×4 in the wild jungle of Jumanji.

To mark the arrival of the Jumanji vehicles at Gardaland, the four main cosplayers entered the attraction and carefully inspected the route and the vehicles that will take the Visitors in this brand-new Adventure (pictured).



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