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Jora Vision creates wine experience for Hameau Duboeuf

This Spring, a new immersive attraction opened in Hameau Duboeuf, believed to be Europe’s largest wine museum. Dutch company Jora Vision was contracted for the design and build of the new experience.

In this one-of-a-kind attraction, visitors are entering a wine cellar, take place on one of the benches and are being transported through 2000 years of wine history in the Beaujolai region. These stories come to life all around the room thanks to the combination of large projection screens integrated within the show sets and video projection mapping on top of these show sets.

Franck Duboeuf, son of George Duboeuf explains: “My father started Hameau Duboeuf 25 years ago to open a door to a mystery world of wine history and viticulture. Today we are proud to have received more than 3 million visitors. Every 4-5 years we open a new attraction and this year, with Jora Vision, we are pleased to open a new “spectacle” called “Mon Beaujolais”. We are very pleased with the professional and creative work done by Jora Vision.”

Simeon van Tellingen, Creative Director of Jora Vision explains: “Actually we created a completely new cellar within a square box building. To give the visitors the impression they are in an authentic wine cellar, we placed real wine growers equipment all around the room. While the winegrower, named Toine, is talking to the visitors, we let things magically appear in the room with video mapping techniques. We are literary placing the visitors in the middle of the action.”

Florence Adelbrecht, Project Development Director of Jora Vision in France, continues: “When you think about Beaujolais and viticulture, you might not think immediately that a Dutch company would be the one to bring this story to life. However Jora Vision, with their extensive knowledge in creating captivating experiences, was able to dive deep into the Beaujolais culture and transformed the history, facts and culture into a spectacular show for all ages. It was a great pleasure to see Dutch and French working methods merge, and I am very proud to play my part in the creation of this attraction.”

“The “Mon Beaujolais” show is another example of our key strategy of creating customised immersive experiences for theme parks, museums, zoos, family entertainment centres and tourist attractions” concludes Jan Maarten de Raad, CEO of Jora Vision. “The last couple of years we have been focussing on design-build projects which tell an interesting cultural story, such as the new “Young Rembrandt” experience in the city of Leiden, the “Bazyliszek” dark ride in Legendia and the “Los Piratas de Bacalar” attraction in Mexico. We are excited to see more and more clients showing interest in our services of design, project management and manufacturing of this type of custom attractions and we are confident “Mon Beaujolais” is a spectacular example of this!”

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