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Introducing the Rollglider


Zipline-based “rollercoasters” seem to be all the rage at the moment. Here’s a new one from Bulgaria. 

Rollglider combines the excitement of hang gliding, paragliding, and proximity flying, into one safe ride. The customisable design makes it an excellent solution for both indoor and outdoor areas, where – as seen here – maximum use can be made of existing assets such as trees.


Riders reach speeds of up to 44mph (77 km/h). So far, Walltopia has completed four Rollglider projects – at the Krushuna Falls in Bulgaria (as pictured), District 21 in Malaysia, the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan and Huimala in Helsinki, Finland. In 2016, the company will makes its first installation in the US.

WhiteWater started the zip line coaster trend last year with its No Boundaries system. As well as the Rollglider, another new variation on the theme is the Cloud Coaster from Extreme Engineering.


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