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India’s first indoor looping coaster

Pictured here is India’s first indoor looping rollercoaster – outside. The ride, now open as a signature FEC feature of the Infiniti Mall in Mumbai, is seen below at the premises of Italian manufacturer IE Park, ahead of its shipment to the subcontinent.

According to Prakash Vivekanand of Amusement Services International, who ordered the ride on behalf of the mall, ”It is the star attraction and accounts for close to 40% of the revenue from the FEC. People are coming from far and wide to the mall just to ride the coaster.”

Another loop coaster from IE Park will open this autumn in eastern region of Saudi Arabia, while a Miniotto Cotroceni is due to open in Bucharest, Romania, any day now. Earlier this year, a JR40 coaster was opened in the Anatolium Mall in Ankara, Turkey, complete with a Grand Prix theme (as pictured below).

In the past eight years, IE Park has completed over 40 coaster projects of various shapes and sizes for customers around the world. A young but experienced team of engineers and technicians work within a dedicated rollercoaster division at the company’s 10,000sq m facilities in Praticello di Gattico, Reggio Emilia.

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