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Goddard’s Ring of Harmony

It might look like another giant wheel concept, but this is in fact the “Ring of Harmony” that will become a landmark for Shenfu New Town in China.

Based in the north east of the country between Shenyang and Fushun, this entirely new city is being built in phases over the next four to five years. Around two square kilometres of the 10 sq km project will be built to a concept and masterplan by The Goddard Group, including two massive lakes.

“I felt that this massive new town needed a visual ‘centre’ to symbolise its place in China and in the world,” explains Gary Goddard. “I thought about the many iconic symbols throughout the world, and realised no one had really perfected the circle on a grand scale. So we designed the ‘Ring of Harmony’ as a unifying symbol for Shenfu.”

While the 550ft stainless steel structure will be completed first, The Goddard Group’s masterplan also includes housing, retail, entertainment, civic buildings, parks, lakes and other community-based elements.

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