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How have rising fuel prices affected your park this season?

Rio Iman Sendjojo (pictured), Jawa Timur Park, Indonesia: It’s not just petrol prices; it’s the cost of electric and many other things that have risen, so we have had to put our prices up as well. However, we have had some success by encouraging local people to come here rather than drive to Jakarta, where they will also spend more money when they get there. The market is very price sensitive here in Indonesia.

Jack Boylin, Camden Park, USA: We have found that fuel prices have had an overall positive impact on our attendance, folks are staying closer to home and visiting our park over taking a trip somewhere else. Also our pool of workers has grown, we have a lot of applicants who are looking to compliment their current income (teachers, seniors etc) and we also have a large number of youth choosing to work over not working for the summer. Together this has offset our rising expenses for employees and cost of goods.

Marshall Hill, Hayling Island, UK: They haven’t helped. Certainly around the start of the summer, in June, we took a hit but I think people are used to them now aren’t they? In fact, these past few weeks the petrol price has even gone down. We’re having a good day today, and that’s because the sun is shining. The weather is still the number one thing that affects this business. Into next year I think all seaside places will do better as less people will be going abroad because of rising costs in general.

John Collins, Indiana Beach, USA:
We are finding that our guests are staying on property and taking advantage of our affordable accommodation and choosing to visit us as opposed to longer journeys. We are a one-tank trip from our major markets of Indianapolis and Chicago.

Mario Müller, Märchenpark, Austria: For the last few seasons we have experienced a steady attendance increase thanks to the opening up of the market from neighbouring Hungary and Slovakia. Because they have few leisure attractions in their own countries, they are prepared to drive here regardless of petrol prices. However, we plan to provide special bus services from Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava so people without cars can get here. This is very important for our future growth. At present more than 80% of our guests arrive by car.

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