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Holiday Park launches multimedia show

A former Dolphinarium at Holiday Park in Germany has been transformed into the auditorium for a new multimedia spectacular. Amaceon is the name of the new show, which combines layered video projections, lasers, water, fire and numerous special effects to take spectators on a 15-minute exploration into Mother Earth.

“We all like to talk from time to time about ‘Mother Earth’,” observes Alex Hennig, creative director of LOBO, the laser specialist that created the seven-figure spectacular. “This was the perfect basis for us to create a really exciting show concept: Who is this Mother Earth? What does she look like? What does she think about us?”

LOBO is already responsible for Holiday Park’s annual eight-week Summernights open-air laser spectacle but this new show is apparently its most demanding production ever.

Four high-power video projectors along with four laser systems and moveable projectors create hologram-like laser and video projections on a water screen in front of a high-resolution, 24 metre-wide video panorama. Water fountains, water clouds, underwater fire effects and a host of additional lighting effects, coupled with an 8-channel surround sound, complement the experience.

Spectators witness the Big Bang, the creation of life and the origins of the human race. Water sprinklers, wind machines and fog generators even get the audience involved.

The show was produced in just five months, under enormous pressure. Now, however, Holiday Park has a multimedia theatre, which can be used to stage other programmes in future.

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