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by Axes Inc

It’s a train ride without a track! Operators of the Happypillar simply mark their own track on the floor with paint, gaffer tape (duct tape) or anything else that takes their fancy and the caterpillar-themed train faithfully follows it using sensors in each car.

This gives operators of family entertainment centres, shopping malls and other venues – anywhere with a smooth, flat floor – total flexibility, allowing them to alter the layout according to their needs as their facility develops.

Trains can be operated with to eight or nine single-seater cars, although five are typical, and “track” lengths are obviously limitless. Each battery-powered train runs for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Additional features include an MP3 music player inside the train and cut-out function to bring the ride to a stop if anyone steps in its path. Caterpillar-themed merchandise including key rings and plush toys are available for added income opportunities.

Manufactured in Turkey and sold/serviced in the USA, the Happypillar is already in operation in Australia, Kuwait, Dubai, Russia, Ukraine, the UK, Ireland, USA and Guatemala.

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