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Gröna Lund’s celebratory season

Back to the future in Stockholm

Stockholm city centre park Gröna Lund celebrates its 125th anniversary this season with the addition of three new attractions and some retro-futuristic theming.

The new rides will all be located within the Gamla Område area, and all are family-focused. Flygande Elefanterns is a flying elephant ride from Zamperla (pictured), Lyktan (Lampost) is a 12-metre tower ride from Zierer, while Tekopparna is a Mack tea cup ride.
Lyktan, says Gröna Lund attractions manager Peter Osbeck, is designed for younger guests that are too scared to check out the park’s full size Fritt Fall tower ride, while the other two are tried and tested park theme park classics. “It feels great to be able to offer three brand new, first-class rides on one go,” he adds.
Gamla Område is the original part of Gröna Lund and thrived during the ‘20s and ‘30s. As such architect Anna-Karin Ljungh has been employed to bring back the “Tivoli’ spirit and work on some new facades, colour palettes and lighting with a distinct art deco touch.
“People have enjoyed themselves here since 1883,” notes Gröna Lund managing director, Ulf Larsson. “Unfortunately a good deal was demolished during the 1960s. Now we what to reclaim that classic Tivoli atmosphere through the architecture and general milieu.”
The park will also reintroduce the Disco Jet ride which as given a year off last season to make way for Kvasten, a Suspended Family Coaster from Vekoma. The original coaster now has a new name – Rock-Jet – and elevated position above Skjutbanan, opposite the Jetline coaster.
Indeed, the whole Jetgatan (Jet Street) area gets a revamp too, this time in a ‘50s theme inspired by science fiction films of the time such as Flash Gordon. Joakim Hansén, together with Gröna Lund’s own attraction team, are responsible for the new look. Despite the retro-futuristic, the buildings here, including a new Rock-Jet station, will feature the very latest LED lighting, which will change to the beat of the music coming from the ride.
In total, Gröna Lund is investing SEK 70 million (€7.4m) this season. The new additions will be ready April 26.

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