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Gametime achieves over 5% revenue impact with Semnox Kiosk upsell feature

Led by CEO Mike Abecassis, GameTime owns and operates family entertainment centers featuring “Play with your Food” arcades, restaurants, full-bars, and party venues in Daytona, Fort Myers, Miami, Ocoee, Tampa, Kissimmee, with Clearwater, and Plantation next on the list. Each location offers unique experiences and attractions in the mega arcade like mini bowling or full lane bowling along with a delicious menu and is the perfect spot to watch any game with over 50 HDTVs throughout the sports bar.

Gametime uses Semnox’s Parafait platform to manage all aspects of its venue, from entertainment to restaurant food & beverage operations. Gametime recently upgraded its Parafait software. Along with the numerous new capabilities of the upgrade, Mike Abecassis and team designed and implemented a new customizsd interface for their Parafait Klassic self-service Kiosks. Within days of upgrading the kiosks across six Gametime venues, the company has reported an increase in revenue by applying the upsell function.

“This demonstrates that we can have a far greater impact by refining what and when the guests’ sees. While this change had a positive impact on our revenue, more importantly, it provided a better value for our guests. This simple change shows that we have a lot of upside and it is up to us on how to drive the process,” said Abecassis.

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