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Farm Fair Dark Ride opened in Japan

April 19th, 2019 saw the opening of the brand new Dark Ride ‘Farm de Bang Bang’ in Nagashima Spa Land. This interactive 3D ride offers visitors a hilarious farm-themed experience, completely designed in Lagotronics Projects’ Farm Fair IP.

Nagashima Spa Land is a major amusement park in Kuwana (Japan), featuring many different rides, attractions and a water park. Lagotronics Projects designed a new indoor attraction for an existing building in the park: an interactive 3D Farm Fair Dark Ride.

The park named the Farm Fair ride ‘Farm de Bang Bang’. Lagotronics Projects delivered the storyline, interactive technique/equipment, 3D video game and lighting installation. The Dark Ride has 7 3D game scenes, a pre and after show and 10 agricultural-themed vehicles, each seating 4 persons. Every vehicle has 2 built-in score monitors, so visitors can keep track of their score. Every ride-player has his own carrot-shooter to play the 3D video game.

During the pre-show the game is being explained by the main characters of the Farm Fair story: Horse, Cat and Rooster. Visitors even get the opportunity to practice, so they can start the Farm Fair adventure with full confidence!

The real-time video game is based on full HD quality graphics. Targets appearing in the game show the number of points that can be scored. Once hit, it will give an immediate visible effect. This ‘art of interactivity’ gives players the feeling of a real game in which they actually interact and change the gameplay! In addition, they are awarded with points for every hit. The funny game scenes take players to different locations at the farm, such as the meadow, barn, kitchen and vegetable garden. Some of them are especially designed for Nagashima Spa Land.

When the final game scene is over, the player sees his own picture on the screen together with his personal score. When leaving the ride, visitors pass by 2 big score monitors which show their scores as well as the high scores of the day and season. This will challenge them to ride & play again to improve their score and defeat their fellow-players.

Mark Beumers, CEO of Lagotronics Projects, is very delighted with this project: “We’re very proud of having delivered another Farm Fair themed ride, besides the Farm Fair GameChanger in Bayern-Park (Germany). Horse, Cat and Rooster told me they’re very excited to enjoy Farm Fair in Japan as well, only this time in a Dark Ride!

And last but not least, we want to thank ART Engineering and KCA Corporation for the great cooperation!

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