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Efteling’s classic car ride De Oude Tufferbaan re-opens

Over the Easter weekend, visitors to Efteling – the fairy tale theme park in the south of Holland – were able to once again ride the park’s classic car ride De Oude Tufferbaan, which re-opened following a renovation.

The renewed family attraction attracted a lot of attention. Over the last two months, new vehicles and a new operating system has been installed as part of its maintenance, with the classic T-Fords making way for new cars and pick-up trucks. The new cars are completely covered, while the drivers stay dry in the cabs of the pick-ups.

New interactive scenes provide extra entertainment for the young drivers during the ride, with various farm animals that sometimes react when the driver beeps its horn.

After a ride on De Oude Tufferbaan, children can earn their own special driver’s license. This month the attraction is 35 years old.

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