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Extreme Engineering in three major projects and dark ride attraction

Extreme Engineering has three major projects opening in first quarter of 2020, from Asia, to the Middle East and Canada. Other developments have emerged on the Cloud Coaster as well. Extreme Engineering has teamed up with The Producers Group, an industry expert in theme park production, on a new dark ride attraction called ‘The Dark Rider.’ The Producers Group collaborated with Extreme Engineering, making the Cloud Coaster the official ride vehicle, while their team provides the show production elements, including A/V, theming and special effects.

“2019 has been an incredible year for Extreme Engineering. We are currently installing our Cloud Coaster at some leading, iconic theme park destinations, are providing ride vehicles for dark ride attractions, have developed over 12 new adventure rides, installed over 3 major adventure parks and doubled our business in engineering and fabrication to other ride suppliers,” said Phil Wilson, EVP of Extreme Engineering.

Phil continued: “The three Cloud Coasters to open in 2020 will be the very first on many design elements for each park. Each project will have breakthrough features, new track design layouts, including one of the largest track lengths to date. Our project In Asia will be the very first coaster located outdoors, soaring guests above some iconic landmarks located in the park. The project in the Middle East will have the longest running coaster track to date, using some exciting IP in the theming that we can’t yet fully disclose.”

Outside of Extreme Engineering’s family coaster projects, the company was very busy on the engineering design and fabrication part of its business. In 2019 it fabricated, engineered and stamped the Dollywood tree structure for Lifeformations and Wildwood Grove.

“The tree was massive,” said Jeff Wilson, CEO of Extreme Engineering. “Over 50 feet tall and 50 feet wide with hundreds of custom design branches. Each branch had to be clocked and bolted to the base where over 650 lighted butterflies would mount, including over 9,000 leaves.”

Some of the other projects included roller coaster anchors used at Universal parks, façade structures for themed elements in dark rides, a custom mine cart attraction for a stunt show, to massive steel supports for amusement rides.

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