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Energylandia announces new themed area ‘Sweet Valley’ for 2022

Polish theme park Energylandia has announced new investment plans for 2022, which include the development of yet a new themed area named “Sweet Valley”. The candy-themed area will be located between the Dragon Zone and Aqualantis and will feature a total of ten new rides and attractions on a surface area of four hectares.

These attractions include two family coasters “Choco Chip Creek“ and “Honey Harbour“, both from Vekoma. The former will be the area’s signature ride.

The ‘Mine Train’ will light up the faces of the riders on a total track length of 1,200 metres. The train will be designed like a locomotive with attached wagons and will offer seats for up to 32 guests and will reach a maximum height of 16,5 metres and 55 km/h maximum speed during the ride.

“Honey Harbour“, a Kalypso family coaster, will offer another family-friendly coaster experience, which will reach a maximum height of 11.7 metres, a maximum speed of 46 km/h and forces up to 2.9 G.

The “Crazy Barn“, the “Choco Valley Mini Tour“ mini flume ride, the “Lollypop Farm“ tractor ride, the “Tree Grove“ interactive carousel as well as the “Tea and Treats“ teacup ride will be additional family-friendly attractions.

The “Annual Sweet Market“ playground as well as themed food and beverage offerings, will complete the experience. Dutch theming company Jora Vision is responsible for the concept design of “Sweet Valley“.

During a second development phase, the park will also complete a new multi-functional building named “Sweet Valley Town Hall“, which will serve as a restaurant, theatre or event location for up to 1,000 guests.

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