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Breman Mega Wheels builds BUSSINK R80XL for Skyviews of America

Breman Mega Wheels has announces it has successfully completed the order to build and supply a BUSSINK R80XL Giant
Observation Wheel to Skyviews America. The wheel has been manufactured by Breman Machinery in Genemuiden, the Netherlands.

The wheel has been installed for operation at New Jersey’s American Dream Mall in the United States of America. Breman Mega Wheels’ CEO Henk Breman, who has supplied high precision parts for BUSSINK Giant Observation Wheels & Towers since 1995, says that they have always been very impressed by the extremely high quality standards of BUSSINK.

Skyviews of America’s CEO Guy Leavitt, who has obtained a long-term lease to operate the wheel at the American Dream Mall in Meadowlands, says it was a logical decision to choose the BUSSINK R80XL for this prestigious and iconic project. He said: “Especially because Breman Mega Wheels is carrying out the complete BUSSINK R80XL production, I have a lot of confidence that the product is built to the state-of-the-art high level of quality that the customers in the American Dream Mall expect from us. Our wheel is the sixth BUSSINK R80XL produced globally.”

The BUSSINK R80XL is the world’s largest transportable and series-produced Giant Observation Wheel. It was designed and developed over five years by the most experienced and best qualified designers and engineers available in the industry. The
BUSSINK R80XL is equipped with 27 CWA – Switzerland, luxury and spacy Zeppelin Cabins, which are fully climate controlled and can hold up to 16 passengers each, including 1 special VIP Cabin. The wheel is non-stop rotating, and one rotation will
take approx. 20 to 30 minutes, with a maximum capacity of 1600 passengers per hour. The wheel is equipped with a Siemens Drive and Control System to guarantee a safe, comfortable and reliable operation. The total weight of the wheel is approx. 750
metric tons, which is over 1.6 million pounds.

The wheel provides a perfect view of the Manhattan Skyline from approx. 300 feet at its highest point, and is scheduled to open late 2021.

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