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Dreamworld Wildlife’s Halloween Treats

With Dreamworld’s Happy Halloween event coming to a close, the hundreds of wildlife who call the park home, have received a special treat.

In the lead up to Halloween, koalas, tree kangaroos, crocodiles, Tasmanian devils and even tigers, have played with and feasted on some of the thousands of pumpkins that decorated the park.

More than 2,000 pumpkins were utilised during the event with some of them being donated to the Dreamworld wildlife enrichment program.

The enrichment program is an important part of the care our wildlife team provides to the animals in their care, keeping their minds active and challenging them in their environment. It is also an opportunity for them to use their natural behaviours as they would in the wild such as foraging.

The Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation is a leader in wildlife conservation initiatives and support having donating more than $3 million to various wildlife causes globally.


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