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Demon season at Heide Park!

Germany’s first Wing Coaster opens in March at Heide Park.

Flug der Dämonen (Flight of the Demon), by Bolliger and Mabillard, has been built at a cost of €15 million and promises to provide passengers with an awesome feeling of flight with no track above or below.

Although, as our picture shows, the 772m-long ride and its 40m lift hill are already in place, there is still work to do and it is not due to be signed off by the TÜV inspectikon authority until early next month. When it does, riders are in for a treat, as anyone who has ridden Raptor or Stealth at the sister Merlin parks Gardaland (Italy) or Thorpe Park (UK) will testify.

Launching on 29 March, Flug der Dämonen becomes the ninth rollercoaster at Heide Park, and the second from B&M following the opening of Krake (Dive Coaster) in 2011.

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