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Dalian Sun Asia Tourism

Sun and the city

Dalian Sun Asia Tourism Holding is a 12-year-old company held in high regard among the attractions industry in China. An operator of aquariums, animal encounters, children’s theme parks and hot spring spas, it is the only home-grown tourism company on the stock market in China, and a member of IAAPA.

Sun Asia Ocean World, China’s first undersea tunnel aquarium, opened in Dalian in 1995. The attraction is home to over 10,000 sea creatures and 300 species and paved the way for many of the modern Chinese oceanariums that followed. In 2005, Sun Asia Ocean World was upgraded and now transports its guests on a journey from to the sea floor to the surface of the ocean. Its vivid script and storyline, conceived by an international team, represent a new chapter in attraction design.

Sun Asia Polar World, which opened in 2003, is the first polar exploration themed tour in China, recreating landscapes from the Arctic, Antarctic, and, a little close to home, Qingzang, filling them with penguins, polar bears, arctic wolves, walrus and other animals. Cutting edge technologies are used throughout the attraction to educate guests to live in harmony with the natural world.

Dalian Sun Asia Tourism remains committed to updating its attractions, creating friendly relationships with many world-famous animal attractions including SeaWorld in the United States, Kelly Tarlton Arctic Encounter and Underwater World of New Zealand, Dolfinarium in the Netherlands, Ocean Park in Hong Kong and many more.

As all manner of new themed tourist projects get underway in China, the company intends to build on its unique characteristics, fusing landmark architecture and technology with Chinese theme park know-how to create further influential attractions.

Pictured here is Dalian Sun Asia Tourism

president Yujin Zhou

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