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Prehistoric fun in the Liaoning Province

Dinoland is the first outdoor theme park in Northern China designed specially for kids under the age of 12 and, as June Ren reports, it’s been putting smiles on their faces since it opened just over a year ago.

Located on the coast in Northern China, the park is located in Dalian, the second largest city of the Liaoning Province. Unveiled to the public on August 15, 2006, the park came to fruition after consultation with many nursery education experts, who helped guide the equipment chosen, colours used and even the site chosen, so as to appeal to children’s mental and physical needs.

The American company HHCP Design International was enlisted to the masterplan and manage the theming and design, which has created a park full of colourful dinosaur-themed landscapes and facilities. Playgrounds, fountains, treehouses and rides all add to the mix, and every one of them is made just for kids.

It’s a combination that seems to have worked. The park has received an excellent response from the public since its opening. Parents appreciate Dinoland’s beauty, and children have great fun mixing with the other kids, whether it be making sandcastles or role playing as a train driver.

“In this electronic age, kids’ activities have got more and more high tech, but have we ever thought about what they have lost and what really counts – their innocence?” asks the park’s Cherry Chai.

Many activities took place during 2007, with special events scheduled each month including the Circus Clown Festival, Dinosaur Returns, Ideal Kingdom, Magic Camp and many more.

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