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CmdCentr launches at Merlin Entertainments theme parks

Digital operations platform CmdCentr (formally Cmd-Ctr) has launched at four Merlin Entertainments run theme parks across the world, enabling live data insights that will increase efficiency and the quality of visitor experience.

Following successful launches in 2020 at Paultons Park and LEGOLAND Windsor Resort in 2021, CmdCentr has now been rolled out to LEGOLAND New York Resort, the new Peppa Pig Theme Park in Florida, LEGOLAND Korea Resort and established UK-based theme park Thorpe Park Resort.

The CmdCentr digital platform comprises various modules, each providing enhanced efficiency and instant oversight for park operations managers. The replacement of manual or disconnected processes allows for operations problems to be resolved in the moment and the system gives live data insights at the click of a button. Since implementing the software in 2021, LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, UK, has seen an increase in ride capacity of 10%.


“As soon as this opportunity came up to switch to CmdCentr, we jumped at it,” said Dan Whybrow, head of rides & compliance at Thorpe Park.

“For us, getting live, automated data means that if a ride isn’t performing, then we can resolve it there and then. Previously we wouldn’t have had access to that information until the end of the day, when it’s too late.”

Jimmy Boyadjis, senior manager of attractions at LEGOLAND New York Resort, added: “We now see every single number everyone puts in, every single hour. That’s not something we saw last year at all. We can immediately congratulate well done behaviour and coach aspects for improvement very quickly.”

The four launches come at a time when the amusement parks global market is expected to grow by 22% by 2026 – with much of this growth attributed to operations refinement and restructure.

Matt Clarke, director of First Option Software UK – creators of CmdCentr, said: “As we’ve seen with our previous launches, there’s an increasing desire from theme parks to make their operations work smarter. Park management recognises that operations efficiency is key to growth and success.”

Adrian Thompson, head of continuous improvement – US Resorts at Merlin Entertainments, added: “Our operators have access to better real-time data which means they can make more informed decisions about what they’re doing throughout the day.

“We want to be out in the park, we want to be driving the guest experience, we want to make sure that our guests are having the best possible time. Having operations data at our fingertips with CmdCentr means that we can do that.”

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