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CDRide completes ‘hectic’ year

DVD ride specialist has over 30 systems in use

The 2007 season was “very hectic” for on-ride DVD supplier CDRide, which now has over 30 systems in use at various parks. After installing its systems onto rides at several ex-Paramount parks in the US, deals followed for several other properties in the Cedar Fair chain.

These included an installation on the B&M Raptor at Cedar Point, the company’s biggest installation yet, comprising a total of 48 cameras, and also the smaller Woodstock Express in the park’s Camp Snoopy area.

At Knott’s Berry Farm, a CDRide system on the new Sierra Sidewinder spinning coaster from Mack was used to film a couple on the ride getting married, footage of which has now made its way onto YouTube – indeed the couple itself even used some of the frames in their own wedding video.

Other installations last season included Sesame Place in Pennsylvania and two Tony Hawks-themed spinning coasters for Six Flags parks. CDRide is also now available in Europe, a system in use at Walygator, the ex-Walibi Lorraine park in France. Installed towards the end of the season, DVD sales have apparently been most encouraging.

CDRide, which is based in Minneapolis, has also adapted its technology for dark ride and indoor coaster applications, using night vision to capture the expressions of riders as they pass through the Flight of Fear at King’s Island – expressions of course that usually go unseen either by spectators or fellow riders. There are now plans afoot to offer sealed camera for use in waterpark equipment.

While the way the footage is captured is important, wise park managers will understand that the real worth of on-ride videos its suitability for sharing among the social networks so beloved of today’s young park guests – YouTube being just one potentially explosive viral marketing opportunity.

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