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Successful run for L&T systems

Coasters, flumes and more

Italian coaster and flume and specialist L&T Systems has been very busy this past season, and with a number of new installations imminent, the workload doesn’t look like letting up.

Together with 3DBA and Preston & Barbieri, the company will deliver a dark ride to a major park in China for 2008. The ride’s nine cars were due to be delivered at the end of December. When installed, they will turn during the ride to face the scenes inside, the effects being supplied by Kraftwerk of Austria.

Around March, L&T will deliver new family coaster to a park in Quebec, Canada. Measuring 33 x 20 metres and 11.5 metres high, the ride will feature a snake-themed train.

For a client in Saudi Arabia, a mini coaster and junior flume will be supplied together. The space-saving indoor installation will see the feature the two rides interweaved with one another.

A ride that was delayed from last season will eventually open this spring at Zoo Marine in Portugal. The rapid river ride (pictured), built by L&T in association with Preston & Barbieri, features a 450-metre channel and eight six-passenger boats.

This past season, L&T completed a junior flume ride for Hansa Park in Northern Germany. Built to a new design, the ride uses viking boat ride vehicles and is built across two levels, with the station loading area in between. It was themed on-site by the park itself. A mid-size flume was also supplied to Fort Fun on England’s South Coast.

L&T Systems also has plans to develop a new compact coaster matching the footprint of Pinfari’s old Mini Mega Coaster, but offering greater height and speed.

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