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Camelback launches Mountain Coaster

Camelback Mountain Resort, Tannersville, Pennsylvania, has added a new attraction called the Mountain Coasterm, built in-house by the Aquatic Development Group (ADG).

The toboggan-style coaster is a year round attraction designed to entertain guests at both Camelback and the summer Camelbeach waterpark. It consists of a 4,500ft (1,372m) stainless steel track that’s 38ft (12m) at its highest point, with two vast 360° turns. Cars are pulled up the ski slopes ready for riders to board at the top. Each car seats two people with a maximum weight of 350 pounds (159kg). The ascent takes about five minutes, during which riders enjoy great views of the surroundings. Then gravity takes over, but passengers control the speed and the brakes as they head down, gaining maximum speeds of 25 to 30mph (40 to 48kmh).

“The Mountain Coaster is on a low impact track that is staked to the ground, providing an environmentally friendly, ecologically sound experience,” explains Ken Ellis, ADG president of and co-owner of Camelback Mountain Resort. “This is the wilderness and it’s important to keep it that way.”

Various safety features have been built into the Mountain Coaster system. Get too close to the car in front of you and the brakes will automatically come on. Take your seat belt off, and again the brakes will come on for protection.

There are less than 10 Mountain Coasters currently operational in the United States, but this is the first by ADG. It appears at Camelback alongside other attractions including a pair of Zip-Flyers introduced earlier this year. Over the winter, plans will be unveiled for a 453-room Camelback Mountain Resort Hotel, complete with indoor waterpark.!-Mountain-Coaster.aspx

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