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Boat Trip

by A Million Dreams

Boat Trip is a 3D/4D action movie with a difference – it features live action rather than computer generated imagery (CGI).

Until it has generally only been the really big parks that can afford films shot with 3D cameras, but this simple new production from the award-winning Dutch company A Million Dreams is now available for attractions of all sizes.

Filmed using a specially equipped boat, the production is believed to be the first 3D film shot completely on water. The short action movie is based around a 17-year-old boy who is harassed in his rubber raft by a large speedboat and its mysterious captain. A fight to the death ensues, across canals, rivers and lakes.

Filmed by A Million Dreams, in co-operation with Virtual Events. “Shooting a live action 3D film from a boat is not an easy thing to do,” declares Boat Trip producer Ivo Broekhuizen. “High tech 3D equipment does not like water and needs a lot of electricity. The former was everywhere during the shoot, the latter was hard to get on board!”

To overcome this challenges, two digital cinema cameras were connected to a specially designed 3D mirror rig kept in balance with a crane. Camera company Thomson/Grass Valley offered technical assistance, while German digital cinema supplier Band Pro tested its superior Zeiss Digiprime lenses in during the shoot.

Broekhuizen is happy with the results: “The chases in the film lead to some amazing out-of-screen effects. In 4D/5D theatres extra sensations like real wind, water splashes and chair movements can easily be added to have even more effect on the audience.”

Boat Trip was due to be premiered in a special screening in Munich during the Euro Attractions Show. 

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