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HOLOGATE announces new release

HOLOGATE, a global market leader in immersive location-based entertainment, has announced the upcoming release of the highly anticipated game, Blasters of the Universe: VR Bullet Hell.

This highly-stylised immersive virtual reality shooter will be further expanding HOLOGATE’s already extensive games library that supports over 400 live locations across 36 countries that have tallied over 8 Million players to date.

Blasters of the Universe: VR Bullet Hell is an extreme, cooperative multiplayer game that pushes the “bullet hell” genre to dazzling new heights, pitting teams of up to 4 players against wave after wave of bullets and baddies in a 90’s retro neon-infused virtual reality landscape.

This VR shooter features a fluid combat system where players must physically duck, dodge, twist, and turn their way through a seemingly never-ending barrage of bullets.

Each level is packed with enemies in all shapes and sizes and players are given the ability to select between five unique weapons to not only optimise their firepower but also customise the experience to their individual playstyle. This weapon customisation is what really sets Blasters of the Universe apart from other “bullet hell” games as players are continually challenged determining which weapon is most effective against the onslaught of enemies coming from every direction along with each unique boss at the end of each level.

Kathryn Rawson, vice president of Content of Secret Location: “As businesses start to reopen, we are proud to be partnering with HOLOGATE the largest VR entertainment network, on the launch of the Arcade edition of our popular PC VR shooter game Blasters of The Universe. We know that now more than ever, families and friends are going to be craving meaningful shared experiences, and we’re thrilled that our multiplayer game is coming to market at a time when the competition and intense action that characterises the Blasters franchise can provide some much-deserved escapism and all-around fun.”

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