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Amends to UK operational guidance for indoor soft play

BALPPA has shared the amended version of the Operational Guidance for Indoor Soft Play

Amended by DCMS, the changes can be found in section 12 which relates to ventilation. The new section identifies ventilation as an important part of mitigating against the transmission of COVID-19.

“Ventilation into the building should be optimised to ensure a fresh air supply is provided to all areas of the
facility and increased wherever possible. Particular attention should be given to areas where high intensity exercise activity takes place.

“To achieve this, venues should ensure an air ventilation flow of 20l/s/p of fresh air with no recirculation by the use of mechanical ventilation systems or – where a venue does not have an inbuilt ventilation system – through industrial fans. A carbon dioxide sensor – placed near the ventilation inlet – shall be used as a surrogate indicator to switch on additional mechanical ventilation or open windows to achieve the specified flow rates. Further guidance is provided in the 

A key document for all indoor play facilities, the full version can be viewed and read here

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