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Alien Idol

by Clostermann Design

TV talent shows such as X Factor and American Idol are well known for throwing up their fair share of crazy characters, but a new attraction from Germany’s Clostermann Design boasts a judging panel from another planet.

Alien Idol invites guests to sing their heart out in front of judges Reta Etar, Alotta Wood and Mother Trattraw. The alien animatronic’s impressive facial movements and remarks provide each participant with an instant, out-of-this-world reaction.

Clostermann Design is keen to make the jump from a provider of theming services to turnkey attraction designer and aims to capitalise on the growing popularity of karaoke with Alien Idol. The concept created plenty of attention when it was launched at Euro Attractions Show in Amsterdam.

The attraction is supplied together with stage and lighting and can be adapted for coin-operation if required. Alien Idol also offers multiple branding, marketing and merchandising opportunities.

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