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Accelerated growth for Puy du Fou

Record investment for 2020 to create a new night-time show, a sixth hotel and a conference centre.

Puy du Fou continues to speed up its development both in France and on the international stage, following a highly successful 2019 season. For 2020, Puy du Fou has invested €52m in France and has pushed existing boundaries by putting in place an ever more spectacular and ground-breaking experience for its visitors, with several new large-scale innovations.

Puy du Fou is continuing its ambitious plans both in terms of investment and its trademark innovations. For 2020, €52m has been invested in a new grand scale show, a spectacular hotel and a one-of-a-kind conference centre.

Romanticism and poetry take centre stage in the original new night-time production, ‘Les Noces de Feu’ (The Wedding of Fire). This new show is the sequel to ‘Les Orgues de Feu’ and features the love-struck protagonists (the Muse and the Pianist) on their wedding day. The fantasy tale carries its audience on a lyrical night-time journey, against a musical backdrop, to the heart of the romantic 19th century. All the show’s music is arranged and performed by the extraordinarily gifted

The show brings together the elements of fire and water in a spectacular staging that is both lavish yet intimate. An investment of €15m has brought to life an extraordinary night-time fairyland that shimmers with glowing figures and dazzles with the emergence of vast stage sets from the depths of the water and jaw-dropping aerial displays.

‘Les Noces de Feu’ in figures :
✓ Stage size : 7,600m2
✓ 30 actors and underwater stunt doubles ✓ 30 minute duration
✓ 80 electroluminescent costumes
✓ €15m investment
✓ 7,000 seated spectators

Magnificent new hotel: Le Grand Siècle
While Versailles was used by Louis XIV for his court and official visitors, friends were invited to the royal residence at Marly. Although no longer standing, the château was the inspiration for Puy du Fou’s newest hotel, ‘Le Grand Siècle’. Guests at the hotel will be invited to stay in the lavishly-decorated baroque-style apartments of the Sun King.

The 4-star hotel offers 96 family rooms, ‘La Table des Ambassadeurs’ restaurant (500 covers) and three hectares of French formal gardens. ‘Le Grand Siècle’ brings the total hotel capacity at Puy du Fou to 500 rooms and 2,500 beds.

‘Le Grand Siècle’ in figures:
✓ 4-star rating
✓ €20m investment
✓ 500 covers at ‘La Table des Ambassadeurs’ restaurant ✓ 96 bedrooms (double or family rooms for 4)

New convention centre : Le Théâtre Molière
Situated just a few metres from ‘Le Grand Siècle’, ‘Le Théâtre Molière’ is a huge new 3,500m2 convention centre comprising a 500-seat central auditorium, 11 fully modular meeting rooms (between 40m2 and 250m2) and a large multi-purpose space designed to host any type of meeting, convention or conference.

‘Le Théâtre Molière’ in figures:
✓ 3,500m2 available for corporate events ✓ €10m investment
✓ 500-seat auditorium
✓ 11 meeting rooms

Still the 9th most visited tourist site in France (and the 2nd most visited park), Puy du Fou continues to reinforce its status as a must-see destination. This is backed up by its ranking as the no. 1 Best Amusement Park in France and in

This mainstream success is borne out by an increase of 2.7% in the average length of stay at the Park. Visitors numbers continue to increase, and specifically amongst those looking for a longer stay at Puy du Fou.

The most recently developed productions have also enjoyed considerable success. In the wake of the success of ‘Le Mystère de la Pérouse’ (2018), the 2019 production, ‘Le Premier Royaume’, won two international awards.

In 2019, Puy du Fou has made its mark overseas. Puy du Fou España welcomed a thrilling 72,000 guests to its first Spanish creation, ‘El Sueño de Toledo’, the biggest show in Spain. This was 12,000 more than the anticipated 60,000 thanks to the addition of three extra performances in response to local demand.

Puy du Fou has also just signed its first contract in China where the country’s first ‘Puy du Fou’, at the foot of the Great Wall, will open in 2022.

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