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Blackpool Pleasure Beach wins prestigious international award

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been awarded the prestigious Thea Classic award as part of the 2021 Thea Awards.  The Thea Awards are presented by the Themed Entertainment Association and recognise excellence in the creation of compelling experiences and places. 

The Thea Classic award recognises an attraction which has stood the test of time so it is fitting that Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been awarded this honour during the park’s 125th anniversary.

On awarding Blackpool Pleasure Beach the Thea Classic Award, the TEA Thea awards committee commented, “As Blackpool Pleasure Beach turns 125 years old this year, it stands among few comparables in the world of themed entertainment, connecting the industry’s past and future by thriving through more than a century of cultural, social and technological change.

“Blackpool Pleasure Beach was founded in 1896 by A.W.G. Bean and his partner John Outhwaite, and soon became known for its innovative thrills as the site became packed with all sorts of unique attractions over decades of expansion. Today, the overall footprint of the development occupies 42 acres with 38 rides that span thrills, coasters, dark rides and family rides, not to mention a collection of shows and unique walk-through attractions. Most notable is the park’s surviving collection of vintage rides, some of these are the last remaining types of their kind in the world. Their additions in the modern era have been equally impressive.

“As one of the world’s first and most iconic amusement parks, it has survived two world wars and the harsh environment of its seaside location while continually providing family fun and thrills for generations while remarkably also being a family-owned and -operated business since its inception, currently under the care of the fourth generation of Blackpool lineage.”

Managing director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Amanda Thompson OBE, said: “Everyone at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is delighted that we have been chosen to receive this prestigious award.  Blackpool Pleasure Beach was established 125 years ago by my great-grandfather and subsequent generations of my family have continued to add to and build on this to create the wonderful amusement park we have today.”

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