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Zip over to Hawaii!

New attraction opens at Piiholo Ranch

Hawaii’s newest and longest zipline attraction is now operating on the 800-acre historic Piiholo Ranch, 2,000ft above Makawao, Maui. It was built by ERi, the world’s leading zipline builder.

Described as one of the country’s most ecologically sensitive zipline installations, it nears three miles of scenic thrills, comprising multiple lines, the longest of which is 2,800 feet. Heights vary from 42ft to 600ft, and speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

The course includes four ziplines side-by-side, the only set up of its kind in Hawaii, and five sets of two lines side-by-side. This is in addition to a suspension bridge and seven-station 42ft climbing tower and rope course covering approximately 100 acres.

Piiholo Ranch is an 800-acre working cattle ranch owned by Peter Baldwin and his sons Jeff, Duke and Chris. The Ranch tour operations include horseback trail rides and lessons, plus a rodeo arena hosting state-wide roping events.

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